What’s Up??   Fan Hype! Edition

What’s Up?? Fan Hype! Edition

Posted: May 28, 2010 
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We have been receiving a lot of emails and letters from eager fans! They have written to inquire about the DVD and wash us in their love for Not Bad for a Girl. We are very grateful for such a loyal response! It means a lot to us.
We want to share with the rest of the world all the wonderful things y’all are saying about NB4AG. Your support is what keeps us working in these rough times.
The NB4AG Team
p.s. feel free to leave more love in the comments section. ;-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hi Dr. Lisa and the NB4AG Team,

I forgot to send you a BIG thanks for the shirt that came with the movie.  I received the goods in the mail literally 5 days after receiving your email.

I will be buying more copies of the movie for some of my pals.  I am so happy you finally got this released.  These were bands I grew up with and love.  Also, this means more to me now, because at the ripe old age of 36 I finally decided to take up drums and have been having a blast for the last year playing them.  (Sadly, I was not allowed to select drums in school back in 1985, because the band teacher told me drums are not for girls.  I have had a few female friends who had the same experience.  Even worse, in 2011, when I go shopping for drum gear I often get asked by the sales clerks if I am buying stuff for my boyfriend.)

Anyway, I wish you continued success with this film.

Best Regards, Louise

“My name is Carlie and I am 16 years old. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating and rereleasing Not Bad for a Girl. The women in your movie have been my heroes and inspiration for some time now. It excites me to know that there are other women in the world who feel that their contribution to music was important and still is. I am so excited to hear the experiences of the women in your movie. I also look forward to the release of the book that goes along with the movie.”

“Yay! Glad to see this out.”

i watched this movie maybe 5 times or more when i was in NY,
Now I live in Tokyo, Japan.
How can i get this Video or DVD???
Please let me know!!

Thank you,

“The DVD looks awesome!”

“I saw this Not Bad For a Girl when it was released in theaters in Febuary 1996. It was awesome seeing it on the big screen. I love Riot Grrrl bands like Bikini Kill / Bratmobile / L7 / The Lunachicks / Courtney Love & Hole and The Original Riot Grrrl – JOAN JETT !”

“Lisa……I am a big fan of Babes in Toyland (saw them 3 times back in the day),
and was wondering if you could let me know, if there are any
DVDs available of your film???
Believe it or not, I just now found out about this! Please contact me!
thank you,

“Hey there – fantastic film!”

“Is this a revival of one of the best music documentaries I’ve ever seen?
I’m just going to assume it is. Because the site is in flash and you
have a gmail account, niether of which existed in 1996.

I must own the DVD of this awesome piece of work. I was just 15 when I
first saw it with my best friend in L.A. @ the Nuart theater, we took a
bus ride that felt like forever and we went everyday until it no longer
was shown. Don’t worry the delinquency paid off over 10 yrs later.

Please inform me on how I can purchase a copy.



“Hello I’m a girl from barcelona.

I’d like one copy of the documentary Not bad for a girl…

where can i buy it or find it today?

thank you really much
- Martina”

“I have been looking for this movie for years… can you let me know, as I will definitely purchase it, and probably several as gifts to friends who still love riot grrl tunes.

I am in Burlington, North Carolina.

I would DEFINITELY LOVE to be added to your mailing list!!! Thanks!”

“Do you have any dvds left? I would actually love to buy a copy if you have any available… I am actually a big fan of that music scene, anything live and admire chicks that rock :o ) Let me know…

-Debra Ferguson”

“Hi, I’m just found your site
about the film, very nice…
can you ship to italy?
let me know
something, thank you



I am very interested in seeing your film ‘Not Bad For A Girl’, and after seeing your post on IMDB have visited your website nb4ag.comhoping to find the dvd for sale. As it did not appear to be available from that website I am hoping that you can send me some information on when/if it may become available and how I can get hold of a copy.
Also, I own a shop and website based in the UK selling clothing, accessories etc. to many people who are fans of the 90s female rock era and would be happy to distribute the dvd over here once it is available, if that’s something you would be interested in. If not, I would still just love to see the film myself!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Joanna Dixon”

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