Universities, Museums and Conferences

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Women in Film Series, Tribute to Ginger Rogers, Buffalo, NY, Winter 1993  (screened as a work-in-progress)

Minnesota University Film Society, University Film Center, Fall 1994

Boston University, Film Dept, Boston, MA, Fall 1995

Portland Art Museum, Rock Documentaries, Portland, OR, Winter 1996

21st Annual Feminist Psychology Conference, Association for Women in Psychology, Oregon, Winter 1996

Bowling Green State University, Women’s Studies, Bowling Green, OH, February 1996

Washington State University, American Studies, “American Movement Cultures: Boundaries, Bodies, Borders,” Pullman, WA, Spring 1996

University of Southern California, Women’s Studies, Los Angeles, CA, Spring 1996

University of Southern California, Dept of Communication: Popular Culture, Los Angeles, CA, Spring 1996

Madison University, Women’s Studies, Gulfport, MS, Spring 1996

University of Washington, Women’s Studies, Seattle, WA, 1997

Harvard University, Women’s Studies, Cambridge, MA, November 1997

Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, February 1999